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Homemade food

All our dishes are made on the fly. Our food is 100% homemade, which allows any client can change an ingredient (if you do not like or if you have any allergies or intolerance). We have information about allergens in every dish.

We adapt to the customer

Our menu is in several languages for your convenience. Moreover our staff speak more than one language. We like to train our employees to serve customers in the best way possible. Always we receive the best of our smiles.

Varied regional food

In our menu you will find all kinds of traditional delicacies. The offer is varied so you can enjoy a wonderful experience with gastronomy.

Some of our dishes

Desayuno Mi Rincón

BREAKFAST MI RINCON (2 fried eggs, bacon, fresh cheese, 1 bread)

Bocadillo, Sandwich ó Croissant Mixto

Sandwich, Sandwich or Croissant Mixed,


Mixed, Chicken, Cheese, Veal Loin, Bacon, Serrano, Manchego, Omelette, Tuna


Toast and tomato Olive Oil


Toast Butter Jam


Oil toast, tomato and Serrano

Tarta de almendas

homemade almond cake: almonds, eggs, sugar, lemon.

Tarta de piña

homemade pineapple cake: pineapple, milk, cream, caramel.

Tarta tres chocolates

homemade cake Three chocolate: chocolates, milk, cream, cake.

Tarta de queso

homemade cheesecake: cheese, crackers, raisins, cream, milk, egg, sugar.  

Tarta dulce de leche

Home Sweet milk cake: milk, cream, cake.


Quesillo home: egg, milk, vanilla, lemon, caramel.  


coca cola 35 cl, fanta orange, lemon, sprite, nestea (Ice tea) lemon, mango, peach 30cl, appletiser, aquarius, coca cola 25CL, Tónica nordic


Sparkling water or sparkling half-liter bottle 0.5 or 1.5 liters

Zumo natural de naranja

Natural freshly squeezed orange juice

Zumo natural Naranja-Papaya o Naranja Zanahoria

Orange-Papaya natural juice or freshly brewed Orange Carrot

Zumo en botella

Tropical, Peach, Mango, Pineapple, Pear Pineapple

Café o Cortado

Coffee or cut

Lenguado a la Meuniere con papas al vapor

Flounder, flour, butter, wine, lemon, potato, oil.  

Salmón en Salsa de Almendras con papas al vapor

Salmon, cream, pepper, salt, almond, potato.

Bacalao en Salsa Verde

Shrimp, mussels, clams, onion, garlic, parsley, pepper, potato.

Dorada a la plancha

Bream with salad and boiled potatoes. 

Lubina a la plancha

Sea bass with salad and boiled potatoes

Filete de Gallo

Gallo with salad and boiled potatoes.


Margarita: tomato, cheese and oregano.  


Mushrooms: tomato, cheese, oregano and mushrooms.  


Ham: tomato, cheese, oregano, mushrooms and ham.  


Iberian: tomato, cheese, oregano, ham and bacon.


Marinera: tomato, cheese, oregano, prawns, mussels and tuna.  

Cuatro quesos

Four cheeses: tomato, oregano. blue cheese, manchego, edam and mozzarella.

Sopa de Melón

Melon, cream, black pepper, salt, nutmeg, ham

Gazpacho Andaluz

tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, oregano, oil or vinegar, bread

Sopa Mi Rincón

prawns, mussels, gallo, rice

Sopa de picadillo

beef, chicken, egg, bread, gardener

Crema de Verduras

beans, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, onion, potato, salt

Fabes con almejas

white beans, onion, parsley, garlic, white wine, brandy, clams  

El Níspero (vino blanco)

Grape: albillo. Bodegas Eufrosina Pérez Rodríguez. LA PALMA

Hoyo de Mazo (vino blanco)

Grape: vermejuelo, sabro, gual, etc.. Sat bodegas el hoyo. LA PALMA

La Gota (vino blanco)

Grape: listan blanco, bujariego, albillo y negramoll. Bodegas Llanovid. LA PALMA

Vega Norte (vino blanco)

Grape: listan blanco y albillo.  Bodegas Noroeste. LA PALMA

Viore (vino blanco)

Grape: verdejo. Bodegas Riojanas. TORO


El Níspero (vino tinto)

Grape: verijadiego, prieto, tinta palmera. Bodegas Eufrosina Pérez . LA PALMA

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